Family Connection Session | $300

1 hour, 75+ edited photos

Couples Connection Session| $250

1 hour, 75+ edited photos

What is a connection session?

A connection session is a candid, relaxed documentation of an activity or everyday moment. It can be as simple as going for a walk, making and eating breakfast, baking a treat, having a picnic, painting a picture together, or exploring a new town. You do the activity and together we'll create a beautiful and treasured documentation of your connection and all those special moments you want to capture forever.


Why book a connection session?

Connection sessions are beautiful ways to document the love and everyday connection between you and your loved ones. Time is fleeting and you will want to remember how beautifully ordinary life is right now.


Classic Portrait Session | $150

30 min, 25+ edited photos

Mini Portrait Session | $95

15 min, 15+ edited photos

What to expect from a portrait session:

Beautiful headshots, full body poses, candid in-motion shots. Don't worry about knowing just how to pose, that's my job! I will guide you and direct you in flattering ways so we can show off your beauty and inner light and personality. I know just how to create beautiful lighting in any situation so you always look your best. 

Why book a portrait session?

A portrait session is the perfect way to freeze time. Beautiful, rich, photographs will become treasures for you to look back on and reflect on your graduation, celebrating how far you've come, or any other ordinary or extraordinary time of your life you'd like to remember.


Classic Family Session | $250

30 min, 30+ edited photos

3-10 people (+$25 each additional person)

Mini Family Session | $175

15 min, 20+ edited photos

What to expect from a family session?

Multiple group shots in different formations, headshots of each person, couples portrait, and whatever other group variations you'd like (all girls, dad with kids, etc.)You can also expect to have fun! I love kids and am good at capturing their attention, helping get the wiggles out between shots, and knowing how to manage and maximize our time according to the attention spans of your littles. I want this experience to be stress-free and enjoyable for you!


Classic Couples Session | $200

30 min, 25+ edited photos 

Mini Couples Session | $150

15 min, 15+ edited photos

What to expect from a couples session?

A variety of close up and farther-away shots. My favorite thing about couples sessions is capturing the beautiful love, intimacy, and silliness between you two! With fun action-oriented prompts and thoughtfully arranged poses, together we'll create beautiful images that will allow your love and connection to shine.



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